Membership Rules

Conditions of membership

  1. Membership shall be on an individual basis.
  2. Every member has equal voting rights within the party.
  3. A member must currently be, or within the past 12 months have been, a resident within the parish boundary of South Woodham Ferrers.
  4. A member should be at least 16 years of age.
  5. A member may, at the discretion of SWFCTA, belong to another party or organisation, but may neither stand for, nor canvas for, any other party in elections for a seat in a SWF ward, whilst a member of SWFCTA.
  6. A Membership fee of £3.00 will be payable on an annual basis.
  7. Exclusions

    A member will be excluded if:

    1. any of the above conditions are broken;
    2. the Party is brought into disrepute by a member's actions where they are against the Party's code of conduct;
    3. a member has been convicted of a serious criminal offence.
  8. Code Of Conduct

    A member should speak, write and act in such a way that s/he cannot be accused of prejudice, bigotry or incitement to hatred of any other person or group of people within society, with particular referrence to:

    1. age;
    2. sex or gender;
    3. race or ethnicity;
    4. creed or religion;
    5. disability.

    A member should behave in such a way that s/he cannot be accused of:

    1. sexual harassment;
    2. bullying or intimidation.