Chelmsford Independent Group

Having met with a number of our fellow independent Councillors we’ve been considering the best way for us to work for South Woodham Ferrers and Chelmsford. Since the way Chelmsford City Council works means a group of Councillors have more rights to committee seats, we have formed the Chelmsford Independent Group.

Chelmsford Independent Group outside Chelmsford Civic Centre
Members of the Chelmsford Independents Group From L-R: Ian Roberts, Keith Bentley, Richard Hyland, Wendy Daden, Paul Clark

Also, we felt aligning with these Councillors was sensible, due to a wide range of shared interests, including:

All members of the group are free to act and vote independently, so we will not have to compromise in our support and work for South Woodham Ferrers.

We believe that this group will be the foundation of something that has been missing in local politics: putting residents’ needs before party policy. As strangers, we came together with open minds and found a shared desire to expand the group to like minded residents from around the district.

If you want to join us and support truly local politics then contact us on 07860 836661 or email your local Councillors; &